In 2018, Lewis DiBiasi Zaita & Higgins was established, continuing the legacy of its predecessor, Lewis & McKenna. With decades of experience in nearly all aspects of the law, LDZH has pledged to perform first class work for its clients with a “user-friendly” staff and agenda. We consistently meet our clients' objectives, translating into highly innovative and successful results.

The firm has maintained a small, tightly woven group of strongly-motivated professionals working in a team-oriented environment with the ability to react quickly and resourcefully to the needs of clients, both in the tristate area and nationwide. The firm's expertise within the industries and businesses it serves has furnished clients with early-on knowledge that has persistently instilled the confidence and understanding essential to the problem-solving issues that remain the “center of the universeā€ in all forms of dispute resolution.

The firm is especially proud of the long associations it has maintained with multitudes of people and organizations, certainly the most telling of all indications of the capabilities and commitment of the practice.